About The Run! Project

Run! is our approach to delivering a grass roots legacy for athletics in central London from the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, by creating new and sustainable opportunities for the 2 million Londoners for whom existing athletics provision is extremely limited.

Run! is a programme to increase participation levels in the sport of athletics in the Inner City Boroughs of London.

Run! is fully aligned with the objectives of providing a sporting legacy following the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games as embedded in the Mayor of London’s Plan for Sport – “A Sporting Future for London”. It forms part of the London Strategy Plan for Athletics and works hand-in-hand with Inclusive and Active 2.

The need for Run! comes from the deficiencies in the structure for existing provision of athletics (and a number of other sports) in the Inner City Boroughs of London. This has reduced access to participation in the sport to potentially two million Londoners – many of them young people, and many of them with untapped talent.

Run! will be focused in specific Boroughs and Super Output Areas in central London, where opportunities are low and deprivation is high.

Run! provides an innovative and structured programme to increase levels of participation in a sustainable way that is embedded within existing local communities.

Run! celebrates inclusion of new groups to the sport – including young people less turned on by traditional athletics formats, women and girls, less affluent social groups, ethnic minority groups and those with a disability.

Run! will provide a meaningful legacy for Londoners from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Run! comes in 3 parts:

  • Run! (1) - Deployment of Activators in targeted areas to get things happening where there is currently inactivity.
  • Run! (2) - Taking the sport to new places where it will be more accessible to Londoners – Housing Estates, Shopping Centres, Parks and the like
  • Run! (3) – Support Londoners to create new athletics clubs.

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Run! Activators