May 22, 2017 03:53 PM

Get up close to the action - Highgate Harriers Night of the 10,000m PBs

You can enjoy the unique experience of the annual Highgate Harriers Night of the 10,000m PBs event this Saturday. It is completely free to attend the event which includes a series of races culminating in the 2017 IAAF World Athletics Championship GB Trials and British National Championships with nine Olympians involved.  Plus there's a “Legends Endurance Seminar” with Paula Radcliffe, Lord Sebastian Coe and Ronnie O'Sullivan.


The event has seen a series of innovations in place including live music, DJs, a back-straight bar and the crowd being able to move into the track once the race is underway to cheer on the athletes from lane three.  Entry is free for spectators.


With almost 200 club athletes in action organiser Ben Pochee is keen for clubs to come along, enjoy the action and cheer on their team mates.


Ben commented, “The Highgate Harriers Night of the 10,000m PBs has always had club athletes and club athletics at its heart. The event is a celebration of the sport, of 10,000m running and of club athletics. It would not take place without club volunteers. Of the thousands of people there last year I know it was the club people who were cheering the loudest – they are the ones who know the athletes involved personally, who fully appreciate the paces the athletes are running at, understand the true value of a PB and who have the deep passion for the sport.


“If you can make it along we would love to have as many people as possible there from the clubs. It is the athletes who make the races and the crowds who make the atmosphere. I also know a lot of people who have been involved in the sport for many years use the event as an opportunity to catch up with old friends and renew acquaintances with their old club mates and rivals. 


"When the races are underway our commentary team will keep you updated from the upper deck of an open top bus, and we are delighted that there is live video streaming from Vinco again this year but it really is best enjoyed by being there in the flesh and cheering the athletes on at close quarters.”


The Highgate Harriers Night of the 10,000m PBs is also one of the Team Personal Best events that are part of the 2017 Inspiration Programme. The Inspiration Programme is a series of projects focused on harnessing the impact of hosting the World Para Athletics Championships and the IAAF World Championships for the benefit of grassroots athletics. To find out more, especially if you are holding an event you would like to be part of Team Personal Best, please click here.

  • Venue: Parliament Hill Athletics Track, Hampstead Heath, Parliament Hill, London, NW3 2JP.
  • Streaming:
  • Timetable (correct at this time)
    1:30pm Inter-Schools' Relay
    3:15pm Race #1
    4:15pm Race #2
    5:00pm Race #3
    5:45pm Race #4
    6:30pm Legends Endurance Seminar with Paula Radcliffe MBE, Lord Sebastian Coe & Ronnie O'Sullivan OBE
    7:30pm Race #5
    8:15pm Race #6 World Championship Men’s GB Trials
    9:00pm Race #7 World Championship Women’s GB Trials


Men's A Race

Andrew Vernon (Aldershot, Farnham & District AC)
Ross Millington (Stockport Harriers & AC)
Dewi Griffiths (Swansea)
Matt Leach (Bedford & County AC)
Matthew Clowes (Cardiff Metropolitan University)
Ben Connor (Derby AC)
Bart Van Nunen (Netherlands)
Richard Horton (Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers AC / Loughborough University)
Kristian Jones (Swansea Harriers AC)
Samuel Barata (Portugal)
Mark Christie (Ireland)
Graham Rush (Cheltenham and County Harriers)
Ricardo Serrano (Spain)
Jake Shelley (Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers AC)
Matthew Sharp (Enfield Harriers)
Jack Rowe (St Mary's University)
Alex Teuten (University of Southampton)
Emmanuel Melly (Project Africa Athletics)
Abel Tsegay (Invicta East Kent AC)
Michael Christoforou (Enfield Harriers)
Antonio Silva (Thames Valley Harriers)
Nick Earl (City of Norwich AC)
Richard Allen (Aldershot, Farnham & District AC)
Luke Caldwell (Imperial College London)
Phillip Crout (Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers AC)
Ellis Cross (St Mary's University)
Mohamud Aadan (Thames Valley Harriers)
Andreas Åhwall (Sweden)
Liam Brady (Ireland)
Kevin Maunsell (Clonmel)
Paulos Surafel (St Mary's University)
Alexander Dunbar (City of Norwich AC)
Joshua Grace (Aldershot, Farnham & District AC)
Kevin Dooney (Ireland)

Men's B Race

Dominic Shaw (New Marske Harriers AC)
Aaron Scott (Lincoln Wellington AC)
Ben Bradley (St Mary's University)
Ben Cole (Tonbridge AC)
Bijan Mazaheri (Cambridge & Coleridge AC)
Stephan Listabarth (Austria)
Lee Merrien (Guernsey)
Steven Bayton (Hallamshire)
Maximilian Nicholls (King's College London)
Zak Tobias (BRIW)
Logan Rees (Fife / Edinburgh Uni)
Jack Bancroft (Wells City)
Santiago de la Fuente Martin (Spain)
Corey De'ath (St Mary's University)
James Douglas (Border Harriers & AC)
John Eves (Bedford & County AC)
Karl Fitzmaurice (Ireland)
Oliver Mott (Cheltenham and County Harriers)
Michael Kallenberg (Cardiff/Royal Air Force AC)
John Gilbert (Kent)
James Hoad (Bedford & County AC)
Will Mackay (Bedford & County AC)
Jonathan Glen (Inverclyde AC)
Tom Straw (Lincoln Wellington AC)
Dan Nash (Cardiff AAC)
Geart Jorritsma (Netherlands)
Colin Maher (Bedford / Ballyfin AC)
Mark Mitchell (Forres Harriers)
Chris Smith (Thames Valley Harriers)
Paul Whittaker (Southend On Sea AC)
Nigel Martin (Sale Harriers Manchester)
Stuart Spencer (Notts AC)
James Dunce (Tyne Bridge /Newcastle University)

Men's C Race 

Craig Ruddy (Belgrave Harriers)
Matthew Revier (Southampton AC)
Jack Boswell (Aldershot, Farnham & District AC)
Jonathan Cornish (Hercules Wimbledon AC)
Luuk Maas (Netherlands)
Akiharu Kitagawa (University of Nottingham)
Robert Warner (Blackburn Harriers & AC)
Eoghan Totten (Oxford University)
Jay Ferns (Loftus & Whitby / University of Manchester)
Paul O'Donnell (Ireland)
Tom Crouch (St Albans Striders)
John Franklin (Serpentine RC)
Killian Mooney (Ireland)
Kojo Kyereme (Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers AC)
James Rodgers (North Somerset AC)
Joe Rainsford (Heanor RC)
Alex Pointon (Aldershot, Farnham & District AC)
Howard Bristow (Brighton & Hove City AC)
Aaron Doherty (City of Derry Spartans AC)
Benjamin Douglas (Leeds City AC)
Tom Hendrikse (Netherlands)
Paul Navesey (Crawley AC)
Joe Smith (Tipton Harriers)
Javier Fontaneda (Spain)
Alex Milne (Enfield Harriers)
Kelvin Gomez (Gilbraltar)
Will Green (Serpentine RC)
Benjamin Toomer (Hercules Wimbledon AC)
Tom Higgs (South London Harriers)
Iñigo Olano (Spain)
David Long (Bournemouth AC)
Alex Bampton (Cheltenham)
Ben Johnson (Southport Waterloo)
Robert Thompson (Hillingdon AC)

Men's D Race 

Sebastian Garry (Wycombe Phoenix Harriers)
Seamus Lynch (Newcastle & District AC)
David O'Flaherty (Newcastle & District AC)
Belal Ahmed (Hercules Wimbledon AC)
Daniel Carpenter (University of Birmingham)
Jonathan Carter (Tipton Harriers)
Joshua King (Bournemouth AC)
Mark Pearce (University of Birmingham)
James Turner (Brighton & Hove City AC)
Richard Waldron (Southampton AC)
Piet Wiersma (Netherlands)
Oliver Langford (City of Stoke AC)
Mark Worringham (Reading Roadrunners)
Matt Bickerstaff (Heanor RC)
Mike Burrett (Leeds City AC)
Gary Condon (Ireland)
Matthew Crehan (St Helens Sutton AC)
Mathieu Cros (Unattached)
Timothy Davies (Leeds City AC)
Kyle Doherty (City of Derry Spartans AC)
Elliot Hind (Leighton Buzzard AC)
Robin Honebecke (Netherlands)
Conor McCauley (Ireland)
Sparrow Morley (Tyne Bridge Harriers)
Declan Power (Clonliffe Harriers)
Duncan Tomlin (University of London)
Joachim Tranvag (University of Exeter)
Andrew Ridley (Birchfield Harriers)
Robert Mctaggart (Bournemouth AC)
Xavier Gruot (Serpentine RC)
Robert Mann (University of Exeter)
Fergal Smithwick (Highgate Harriers)
Richard Gregory (Ranelagh Harriers)
Declan Reed (City of Derry Spartans AC)
Kevin Quinn (South London Harriers)
Matthew Bennett (Southampton AC)

Men's E Race 

Jonathan Tipper (Kent)
Nick Buckle (Belgrave Harriers)
Chris Darling (Cambridge & Coleridge AC)
Matthew Sharp (Hercules Wimbledon AC)
Lawrence Avery (Kent)
Alex Hobley (Herne Hill Harriers)
Dominic O'Mahoney (Invicta East Kent AC)
Stuart Beaney (Kent)
Tim Twomey (Unattached)
Russ Mullen (Haywards Heath Harriers)
Sean Wilson (Wycombe Phoenix Harriers)
Paul Wain (Ipswich Jaffa RC)
Sean Fitzpatrick (Herne Hill Harriers)
Christopher Oddy (Serpentine RC)
Glen Turner (Leighton Buzzard AC)
Robert Eveson (St. Mary's Richmond AC)
Jim Cooper (Harrow AC)
Björn Browatzki (Victoria Park Harriers and Tower Hamlets AC)
Davide Covolo (Run Fast)
Stephen Skinner (Run Fast)
Ben Heron (Peterborough)
Richard Jones (Eastbourne)
Paul Mizon (Redway Runners)
Phil Martin (Peterborough AC)

Women's A Race

Steph Twell (Aldershot, Farnham & District AC)
Jo Pavey (Exeter)
Jéssica de Barros Augusto (Portugal)
Kate Avery (Shildon Running & AC)
Beth Potter (Victoria Park City of Glasgow AC)
Katrina Wootton (Coventry Godiva Harriers)
Jessica Martin (Aldershot, Farnham & District AC)
Charlotte Arter (Cardiff AAC)
Sara Catarina Ribeiro (Unattached)
Lauren Howarth (Leigh Harriers & AC)
Claire Duck (Leeds City AC)
Ann-marie Mcglynn (Thames Valley Harriers)
Sonia Samuels (Sale Harriers Manchester)
Jennifer Nesbitt (Worcester/University of Bath)
Phoebe Law (Kingston & Poly)
Phillipa Bowden (Brunel University)
Verity Ockenden (Swansea Harriers AC)
Cecilia Norrbom (Sweden)
Louise Small (Aldershot, Farnham & District AC)
Emma Mitchell (Queen's University Belfast)
Sophie Cowper (Rotherham)
Clara Evans (Cardiff AAC)
Rebecca Murray (Brunel University)
Becky Rigby (Preston / University of Sheffield)
Juliet Potter (Charnwood AC)
Nicole Taylor (Tonbridge AC)
Mhairi Maclennan (University of Edinburgh)
Iwona Bernardelli (Poland)

Women's B Race  

Helen Davies (Ipswich Jaffa RC)
Danielle Fegan (Sale Harriers Manchester)
Georgina Schwiening (Cambridge & Coleridge AC)
Jen Elkins (Southampton AC)
Sarah Johnson (Thames Valley Harriers / Imperial College London)
Annabel Simpson (University of Glasgow)
Helena Tobin (Brighton & Hove City AC)
Julia Davis (Winchester & District AC)
Emma Houchell (Basildon/University of Birmingham)
Laura Riches (Bangor University)
Claire Grima (Hercules Wimbledon AC)
Louise Mercer (University of Edinburgh)
Abbie Donnelly (Loughborough University)
Bethanie Murray (Oxford University)
Rebecca Howard (St Mary's University)
Alice Burgin (University of Worcester)
Alex Eykelbosch (Dacorum & Tring/University of Birmingham)
Lucy Reid (Tonbridge AC)
Jacqueline Penn (University of Sheffield)
Lucy Holt (Notts AC)
Michelle Sandison (Springburn Harriers)
Hannah Howard (Eastleigh RC)
Estelle Damant (Loughborough University)
Cordelia Parker (Abingdon AC)
Lucy Marland (Cardiff / Cardiff Metropolitan University)
Victoria Walker (Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers AC)
Megan Mcbrien (Royal Sutton Coalfield/Cardiff University)
Georgina Leck (Leigh / University of Birmingham)
Nicole Swaffield (Loughborough University)
Sarah Potter (University of Sheffield)
Kate Carter (Wimbledon Windmilers)
Sarah Dudgeon (Abingdon AC)
Rebecca Frake (Cambridge & Coleridge AC)
Kennagh Marsh (Crawley AC)
Megan Wilson (Cambridge University Hare & Hounds)
Gen Huss (Herne Hill Harriers)
Rachel Vines (CLC Striders)
Ruth Jones (Aldershot, Farnham & District AC)
Ruby Woolfe (Thames Hare & Hounds)


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