January 12, 2017 04:55 PM

Olympian James Dasaolu Backs Connie Henry’s Track Academy Indoor Championships

Photo Caption: Director of Track Academy, Connie Henry with U10 multi-skills competitors, Councillor Parvez Ahmed and Multi-Skills Coordinator, Zoe Robson


Connie Henry’s Track Academy once again hosted its annual indoor competition this December at Willesden Sport Centre.  This year the Track Academy Sprint challenge saw 105 competitors from all over London contest in the 60m sprint, 66 of these athletes were members of Track Academy or Thames Valley Harriers. 

This competition brings about the opportunity for many athletes, both experienced and beginners to compete within their own community. The competition draws people into the heart of Brent, which is a flourishing community full of talented and motivated athletes.  



Photo Caption: Indoors Championship Competitors


The fastest race of the day was won by Subomi Onanuga, SEN, of Thames Valley Harriers with an astonishing time of 6.86s, closely followed by Sam Ige, U23, who ran 6.87s. The fastest time of day for the women was run by Laura Clarke ,U23, of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers with a time of 7.75s followed by Salome Japal,U20, with a time of 7.83s. 

The competition saw many highlights, including a visit from The Mayor of Brent, Cllr Parvez Ahmed and also Olympian, James Dasaolu.  Both James and the Mayor took time out of their busy schedules to give a speech and reach out to the younger generation in sport.  Dasaolu, 2nd fastest man in British history over 100m, pointed out how “fortunate” the athletes were to have an indoor facility to train, he added how crucial education was and how it always went hand in hand with his athletics. The mayor has been a long-time supporter of Track Academy and commended the coaches for their hard work in not only sports but also mentoring and education. He also promised to return with his family. 


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