July 06, 2016 08:31 PM

Leadership in Running Fitness and Coaching Assistant Course bookings move online from 1st August

England Athletics will be moving to an online-only booking system for Leadership in Running Fitness and Coaching Assistant courses from 1st August, following a successful pilot.


This will allow applicants to book online directly using credit/debit card, and receive instant notification of their booking.


Alternatively, if a club or organisation is paying for the applicants place they can purchase a voucher via invoice or card payment on the candidate’s behalf. The candidate can then redeem this voucher when booking their course on the website.


The new paperless system is designed to offer a more streamlined service to volunteers and applicants, by offering the following benefits;

  • Applicants receive instant notification of their booking, with none of the delays or chase-ups associated with postal applications.
  • The number of places remaining on each course are clearly stated at all times, therefore avoiding the frustration of applicants completing a booking form only to discover the course has become fully booked.
  • Credit/ Debit payments offer a convenient and quick way of paying, with an instant receipt being issued for every purchase.
  • Applicants can upload their own passport style photographs online, saving the time and expense of going to a photo booth.
  • Applicants that are part of one of our affiliated clubs will still be able receive their affiliated club discount by inputting the club’s affiliation number, removing the inconvenience of getting a committee member to sign their application form.


Please note that Athletics Coach and Coach in Running Fitness will be the only courses from 1st August that England Athletics will be accepting paper applications for. Therefore, to avoid confusion, and possible applicant disappointment it is important that any outdated copies of the paper application form are removed from circulation by clubs and other organisations before this date.


At this time officials courses are unaffected.


Further information on the Voucher purchasing process can be found at;www.ulearnathletics.com/site/page?id=help#vouchers


For a list of current courses please visit www.englandathletics.org/Courses-and-Bookings


If you have any queries regarding the online uLearn booking system, please contact Membership Services on 0121 347 6543

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