March 15, 2017 08:01 PM

London Satellite Clubs - Success story

Satellite club sucess in London


One of the major participation sucess stories in London over the past 4 years is that of "Satellite Clubs".


What is this programme? A Sport England initiative aimed at setting up new participation opportunities in schools and other local community settings for 11-25year olds. Aimed at providing new pathways into mainstream clubs and delivering the sport in new settings. 


Outcomes in London? Over 300 new locations across the capital providing some form of Athletics to over 5,000 new participants. 


Why has the programme been so sucessfull ?  Thanks to the dedicated team of Athletics Activators, local clubs, local coaches and the various partners within the local area. 


To read more about our Satellite Club programme within London download our case study by CLICKING HERE  or email us at 



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