Following the practice adopted for the past couple of years, I see a number of agenda items as being standard at pretty much all meetings this year, primarily: 

  • Report by London Manager (to cover Run! / participation); 
  • Education, including figures on courses held / planned and officials and coaches qualified (Kirsty Aitken to provide data);
  • EA matters, including feedback from Board / England Council;
  • Consultation 2017 (the theme / format for that is yet to be agreed, but I expect the timing of the London clubs conference will be similar);
  • Counties / SEAA update;
  • New London affiliation applications. 

Again following the pattern followed in prior years, I suggest the following outline plan to cover key items beyond those: 


Quarter        1        234
Suggested London Council date Wednesday, 15th FebruaryWednesday, 26th AprilWednesday, 23rd AugustWednesday, 8th November
National Council date Wednesday, 22th FebruaryWednesday, 3rd MayWednesday, 30th AugustWednesday, 15th November
EA Board date

w/c 6th February & Wednesday 29th March

Wednesday 10th MayWednesday 26th July &
Wednesday, 6th September
Wednesday, 22nd November
Portfolio topics  
  • Officials
  • Clubs
  • Coaching
Other key tops
  • Sport England funding
  • 2017 Inspiration Programme 
  • Election of London Chair
  • Co-opting of Council members
  • Plans for Consultation 2017
  • Planning for London awards nominations 
  • London awards nominations
  • Actions / priorities for October 2017 “Whole Council” conference
  • EA AGM Review
  • WCC Review

I have for now confined the detailed Portfolio topics (for detailed discussion) to the three areas where the National Council is focussed. Reports for all three of these will in any case need to be submitted for each National Council meeting. We can expand these (e.g. for Disability) as necessary. Note that there may be additional National Council meetings, probably by teleconference. Again, I am generally aiming that the London Council meets a week before the National Council.  The Whole Council Conference will be on Saturday 14th October. 


I would again be grateful if you can please diarise the above dates now, so that we can look forward to a reasonable overall attendance. I’ve stuck with Wednesdays in the above plan, but am conscious that some may have club nights or other regular commitments which may give a problem. If so, let’s look again:  I’d prefer if possible to stick with midweek dates. We may need to revisit this following the Council elections. 

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