Mummy Walk & Talk

Mummy Walk & Talk comes to Peckham Rye

Every Wednesday 11.30am. Meet outside the café

Starts 12 October 2016

Mummy Walk & Talk is a free, park-based social event for new mothers and pregnant women.


We at Greenwich Fitness & Pilates are delighted to announce that Southwark Council is supporting this new initiative  for new mums. Following the success of the Greenwich Park group, we’re starting a new Mummy Walk & Talk group for women in and around the Peckham area.

The idea behind Mummy Walk & Talk is that women get together to make friends while taking their new babies (even those that haven’t been born yet!) out for a walk in beautiful surroundings.

It’s well known that women who have just had a baby sometimes feel isolated, a bit overwhelmed, and welcome the chance to make friends. It’s also common knowledge that getting out into the fresh air and taking a spot of gentle exercise can help you feel much better. Mummy Walk & Talk addresses the first point with the second.

The walks are led by qualified coach, personal trainer and mother Ronnie Haydon, who also volunteers as a Mental Health Ambassador for Kent AC and Greenwich Runners.

It’s not always easy to motivate yourself to get out there. As many women report, sometimes just getting out of your pyjamas is a major effort. We believe that if you have a social group to attend with your baby, you’re more likely to take those important steps out of the house and into the world. If the social group is outdoors, and involves gentle but regular exercise, your mood improves dramatically.

The walks will last just 45 minutes and there’ll be plenty of opportunity to rest if mums feel too tired, as well as a chance to visit the café with new friends and continue the conversation.


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