The organisation and running of London region’s officials is a joint effort by the 4 counties surrounding London.  Each county appoints a County Officials Secretary (“COffSec”): see details below. In addition, a member of the London Regional Council is appointed as “portfolio holder” for officials within the Council: he / she works closely with the COffSecs, providing a central point of contact on issues of common interest and seeking to ensure a consistent approach across the Region where appropriate. In conjunction with their County Associations, counties organise training sessions for keeping in touch with technology, social evenings, forums and development days.  You can find more information on officials on our national page.  The region works closely with the South of England Athletics Officials' Association (SEAOA) promoting and encouraging the participation in officiating. Their website provides further details of activities (including an annual conference in early February) and various free booklets designed for officials which may interest officials of all levels

Keep up-todate with the current schedule for officials education across London from present day till the end of the year click here.


Officials' courses

Assistant Official, Level 1 and Health & Safety courses are organised by England Athletics and run in each county determined  by local demand.  Higher level courses are run by UKA.  Click here to visit the England Athletics events section to see what Officials' courses and events are taking place in London. You can view only the officials' courses by selecting the "Officials' course" option from the dropdown box.
England Athletics can organise Assistant Officials' Courses tailored to meet the needs of those looking to take their first step into Officiating.  Normally offered to parents, athletes and youngsters looking to get into volunteering and leadership roles, the Assistant Officials' Course enables someone to receive a licence having first demonstrated their commitment to work in the sport through a process of supported practice.  The Assistant Officials' course is traditionally a 4 hour and the cost for an Assistant Officials' course is £15 per head (includes tutor fee, resources and the like).
Level 1 Officials’ courses can also be organised via England Athletics in a similar way. At this Level, courses are organised on a “discipline” (i.e. Track, Field, Timekeeper, Starter / Marksman & Photo Finish) basis: usually more than one discipline will be run on the same day. Note that there is no requirement to have completed an Assistant Officials' course before commencing the Level 1 training: if you know which discipline you wish to choose, it may make sense to start at Level 1. Also there is nothing to stop you becoming qualified at Level 1 in more than one discipline (many senior officials have done just that), but you will need to think carefully about the time commitment involved when timing attendance on courses.
For further information on how you can host an Assistant Officials' or Level One Officials' Course in your club, school or local community, contact Kirsty Aitken [email protected]

Duty Sheets, Reports and Upgrading

Track & Field Officials
Assistant Officials' and Level One officials should send their Annual Record of Experience ("Duty Sheet") to their COffSec.  Level Two and above should send theirs to the secretary of the East, London and South-East (ELSE) Tri-Regional Officials Group, Wendy Haxell
[email protected]  or 5 Nursery Gardens, Horndean, Waterlooville. Hants PO8 9LE.  It is far easier this in as an ongoing exercise as the year progresses rather than leaving it until the end. The form can be downloaded on the national officials' page.
Officials' reports for upgrading to Level Two and upwards should also be sent to the ELSE secretary (details as above) who will collate the reports for review by the ELSE group which will consider up gradings and nominations for national meetings. The London representatives for Track & Field appointed by the London Regional Council to the ELSE Tri-Regional group are:
Field: Steve Marshall
Track: Gill Freeman
Timekeeping: Sharon Herbert
Starter/Marksman: Gerald Alterman

County Officials' Secretaries (COffSecs)

The Officials' Secretaries for the counties covered by the London region are as follows:
Middlesex: Mike Tuvey

[email protected] 

07949 729177

Herts:Peter Lee

[email protected]

07986 808033

Surrey:Peter Crawshaw

[email protected]

07850 676022

Essex:Diane Wooller[email protected]

Maureen Fletcher



Gill Freeman

[email protected]

012424 855638


[email protected]

01322 402476


Endurance Officials Contacts

Endurance Officials Coordinator Graham Jessop
Tri-regional Edurance Secretary: SouthNick Folwell
Tri-regional Edurance Peer Groups: LondonMartin Howard


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