RunTogether Blog

Welcome to our new RunTogether blog 


We're pleased to launch a unique and inspiring 4 piece blog from the London Athletics award winning RunTogether group "RunnyHoneys". Over the coming months we'll be adding to this with new stories, news and testimonials from RunTogether groups from across London. 

For now we will leave you with the head coach and group leader, Sue Browne, from RunnyHoneys who will be bring us news, articles and inspiring stories about running, why people should join a local running group and whats going on in the world of running.

1) #WhyWeRun - Our first RunTogether blog with RunnyHoneys !

2) #WhyWeRun - Happy New Year and RunTogether with RunnyHoneys ! 

3) #WhyWeRun - Just Keep Running ! RunTogether with RunnyHoneys !

4) #WhyWeRun - Aim high and get dirty ! RunTogether with RunnyHoneys !

Here's a short bio of Sue to kickstart the running season and #Whywerun 

Runner since: 2005 
Fave place to run: the South Downs
Least likely to say: "I don't dance"
Best run track: Little by Little - Radiohead
What I crave post-run : peanut butter on toast and bananas
Running mantra: Strong and Fast and Fit and Ready
For more information about our new running group programme (RunTogether) which launched on the 10th January 2017, simply CLICK HERE
For more information about Runnyhoneys simply CLICK HERE