Team Personal Best Disability Summit

Team Personal Best Disability Summit

The focus of the Team Personal Best Inspiration Programme for the Summer of World Athletics is to encourage people of all abilities to take part in grassroot athletics. For those who are disabled and are wanting to get involved in grassroot athletics as part of the Summer of World Athletics, there is a Disability Summit  to bring people together. The summit will give people at the forefront of grassroots disability athletics in England a chance to share their thoughts, and have a discussion on the programme amongst each other.

How can you attend?

The Disability Summit ticket allocation operates on a first come, first served basis. So, it is a good idea to apply as early as you can. However, you can also get tickets by applying to the summit panel. You can nominate someone, or yourself and your application will then be assessed by a panel of judges who will select additional people to attend.

What is the event?

The event is a day of learning as well as sharing, bringing people together through grassroots disability athletics. The event will be held on Friday 14th  July, at a secret location in Stratford, London.