Without volunteers our sport wouldn’t exist.


As a sport we strive to succeed and we need your help!




The work of volunteers is fundamental to the success of athletics in London.  So whether you want to develop your skills, take on a new role or get involved in the sport for the first time there are plenty of opportunities available


With volunteers contributing over 1.2 billion hours each year to support sport, Athletics provides opportunities for everyone. Volunteering is vital to the survival of Athletics and the growth and improved structure of clubs.


The 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games presented our sport with its biggest opportunity for a generation. 2014 saw the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, then 2016 has the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games before the 2017 World Athletics Championships take place in London. It is a tremendous decade of sport with many major events taking place on these shores or within London.


Athletics provides opportunities for everyone to get involved. Whether you can offer your services for a couple of nights a week, a couple of nights a month, or at a couple of key events each year you can make a real difference. There are opportunities for everyone ranging from making the tea to measuring the long jump to Chairperson.


Volunteering is not only vital to the survival of Athletics, but also essential for the growth of our clubs and the improvement of their structure. And don’t worry you don’t necessarily need to be sporty either! We’re looking for people who’ve got a smile and enthusiasm!


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