January 31, 2017 10:19 PM

RunTogether blog with RunnyHoneys ! #WhyWeRun

So it's nearly February and you're doing your best to keep up with your New Years' resolution. Let's see how running can help, as we're back with the award winning RunnyHoneys and #WhyWeRun


January is always a testing month for runners, particularly new ones, but our January Couch to 5K runners are made of strong stuff and last night’s session of 5 x 5 minutes running with 1 minute walking intervals was completed with enthusiasm. In fact, some seemed surprised that it was all over so quickly!


It now seems perfectly natural to refer to them as “runners”, as oppose to beginners. This is the 4th week and they’re really starting to notice a difference, as their new habit takes hold. One of our number has lost 8lbs of weight since giving up chocolate snacks and starting running at the beginning of January. Not only that, her Fitbit tells her that her resting heart rate has trended down from 71 bpm to 65 bpm. It’s brilliant to have tangible results. Most are just noticing things like running upstairs doesn’t make them as puffed or that there’s more room in their jeans!


There are however, also a few niggles coming to the fore. With new runners, it’s often the combination of the increased demands on your body from the running combined with other intensive exercise. A Burns Night Ceilidh and the wearing of silly shoes have a lot to answer for in one case!


The support and the camaraderie between the runners is really helping them through now. Having past the halfway point of the course, they’re keen to keep going and there’s lots of social media chat between them to check up on how “homework” runs have gone. We’ve every confidence they’ll be at a Parkrun soon, getting the measure of that 5k distance.


Parkruns are a great way to get people motivated at this time of year. runnyhoneys have set up a Parkrun Challenge for the next 2 months : “most improved honey". It’s a great time to have a focus around these events and to encourage more of our members to give them a go. So what if the weather’s foul, it’s a 5K blast and then coffee and cake! 


It’s amazing how runners change and start to relish the challenging wintry conditions. Those who might have had a real fuss in the past about splashing in a puddle, suddenly buy trail shoes and start taking up off-road running. Many of our recent runs and races have finished in a muddy blur from the thigh down. Whatever colours you started out in, they ended up…BROWN and it’s funny!


It’s only January and we’ve lots to look forward to. We have a runnyhoneys team entered in the London Winter Run; we’ve just competed in a gruelling cross-country 10K, The Chilly Hilly; we’ve many runners taking on half, full or ultra marathons this year, training together on our Sunday long runs; we’ve our our own 5K race in May to start planning; and we’re starting a Men’s section and having a lot of fun with the name! Before we know it, it’ll be spring and the layers will lessen. As they say, "Winter Training = Summer Smiles"!


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